Thursday, October 1, 2009

A throwback

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So the topic of this post today is about travel. Looking at old photos of a trip to New York about 2 years ago made me think about planning a trip again for next year. I've always wanted to visit Europe, so maybe we'll try London. At least I can still speak english there. Early this year we took a vacation to Costa Rica with some of our friends. It was beautiful. It rained a bit but it was sunny and hot most of the time. It was tough trying to speak and understand the language. There was a lot of pointing at things, miming and broken spanish. Anyways, thought I'd share some of our New York pictures I put together through Shutterfly. If you've ever visited New York, you'll probably recognize the spots we enjoyed visiting. Talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. Fabulous! I was there one year ago today and I remember many of those sights. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures, Olive. I was with my family in NYC three years ago (my third time). We were in San Francisco two years ago. Fantastic places! Next time I´ll try to take fabulous pictures like you did.


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