Sunday, January 17, 2010

Protect your Apples

and...I'm back! Here's a little something I've been busy with. I've been roaming around etsy finding inspiration and stumbled upon very cute apple cozies. I wanted to find a free pattern to test my beginner crochet skills. I found a great pattern by Theresa Grant on Ravelry. It was really fun making it and even more delightful picking and choosing a button. This free pattern will be available in my "Nervous Knitter" flickr. Have fun!

Next posting: Creating for those in need. I've decided to use my new-found skill of crocheting/knitting to help others. Until next time...Have a creative day everyone!


  1. That is just too adorable. I think you chose the right color for the cozy.

  2. Fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. fun cute stuff, I love buttons too.

  4. I wonder if you'll create a set of apple cozy's next? This one looks so cute.


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