The Full Story


SmartyKat has been a trusted brand for over 10 years in the mass market. This leading brand in cat products needed a brand refresh. From the overlapping circles similar to a Venn diagram, I redesigned it with more vibrant colors and shapes like a kaleidoscope. This simple update gave the packaging more dimension and colorful energy that grabs consumer’s attention in store aisles. The kaleidoscope narrative, is about Worldwise's plethora of proprietary brands and how the company is continuously developing and innovating pet products for a variety of categories and major clients. 



Marketing material for the sales team to distribute during trade shows, line reviews and sales meetings. Always working closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to gain full understanding of their needs. These catalogues were designed every year to introduce new and innovative pet products to a variety of clients.



SmartyKat was one of the many brands I managed and designed for. The brand refresh was applied to an assortment of brand packaging and collateral. I photographed and composited the majority of the images on these packages, adjusted and created die lines and setup files for final production. These packages can still be found online and in major retail stores.